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Flynn Build & Develop (FB&D) builds, develops, and acts as a property manager for both residential and commercial markets.  With the nimbleness that comes from independent ownership and operation, FB&D can carry out complex projects that its competition can’t even contemplate. 

FB&D’s clients benefit from open and honest dialogue.  With each job, the bar is set at the highest level.  Using only top-quality products and engaging only expert contractors, FB&D can meet any property need. 

Can’t visualize the outcome?  We have you covered.  There are few things a client may want that can’t be configured. Reach out to learn more!


President Tim Flynn’s trajectory into the building and development business wasn’t exactly linear.  With a background in property management, Flynn’s career began with answering the challenges of residential and commercial renters.  This background informs his approach to building and development, enabling him to see the problem before it can materialize.


Timothy Flynn 



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